Working our Tails Off!

Good day! We thought we’d take a moment to update you on all the goings on over at Doople Pet Products.

Since forming the company in July, 2012, we have rolled out our signature product, Doople Bag, created a website, created a second website, then combined those in our third website with online store–you know, “third time’s a charm” and all that! We have our Etsy store, our Storeboard store, and our Twitter  and Facebook accounts all up and running. We’d love you to check them out and/or follow/friend us on all of them!

We had an “Honary Doople Dog” contest. Our winner, Annie, received a Doople Bag of her choosing and was featured on our FB and Twitter sites. We are currently running another giveaway contest; this time for one of our beautiful collar and leash sets. To enter, friend us on our Facebook page and there you will find instructions for entering. Hurry, though, contest ends April 15, 2013!

We have fabricated and stockpiled Doople Bags; have designed and fabricated our collar and leash collections; and are in the process of developing other pet accessories. In our spare time we are busy researching various marketing opportunities–including attendance at some great pet expos. We’ll be sure to let you know if/when/where–we’d love to meet you!

Becca–our Border Collie–continues to be a great ambassador for Doople Pet Products and is anxious for spring weather so she can meet and greet more of you while at the dog park, out for a walk, or as she is chauffeured around!

We continue to research products we feel are complimentary to our own and to connect with makers of those products. On our website, and from time-to-time on our social networking sites–we promote these products as a service to our own customers. If you have a product or service you think is a good match, let us know. Also, if you have an online or brick-and-mortar store and would like to carry Doople Bags, we will be happy to discuss our re-seller program with you. We’re all about getting Doople Bags into play all across the country!

While all these are exciting events in our realm, there is something far more exciting to share: We are germinating a seed of an idea that we hope to take world-wide! Of course, there are many, many stages of growth yet to endure–from seed, to germination, to seedling, to full bloom–but we are going to give it a go!! It will be some time before we’re ready to share our little seed with the world, but when we do, your support will help it thrive and grow into something substantial!

Want to know something funny? All of this was born because of an aggravating situation–not unlike the oyster grows a pearl from an irritating grain of sand. This was never “part of the plan”, but each and every day I thank those who irritated me to the point of creating wonderful gems in my life!

Keep that in mind next time life throws you a curve ball, introduces an irritant, or provides an opportunity out of your comfort zone. These could be the keys to your own gem mine!

As we continue mining our own gems, we will do our best to provide pertinent content here on our blog and through our social media sites. Stay connected with us so you don’t miss out on our continued progress!


Founder of Doople Pet Products