The Pet’s New Years Advice

two amigos

Dear friends, as we close out 2012 and move into an exciting new year, the cat and I have a few words of advice. Remember, we’re simple, drama-free creatures, and we believe you might learn a bit from us…

1. Explore something new every day.

2. Give and receive love with abandon.

3. Play when you feel like playing; rest when you’re tired; eat when you’re hungry. The rest falls into place.

4. Just get along! Don’t snarl and bristle up because of differences. Sometimes the best friends turn out to be those who offer new perspectives, ideas, or ways of being.

5. Don’t ingest garbage–or as my mom translates: don’t allow poisonous thoughts, people or behaviors into your life.

6. Welcome visitors to your home with gusto–they’ve taken time to include you in their life!

7. Live in the now.

8. Appreciate the blessings you have.

9. Trust people.

10. Wag your tail as often as you can (or in people terms: be happy, dance, smile, and slobber a little)!!

Happy New Year,

Becca and Roudy